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Gardens to Inspire, by Keith Kirsten

Garden To Inspire

In Gardens to Inspire, Keith Kirsten introduces 25 notable South African gardens, chosen for the ‘WOW’ factor that sets them apart. Great gardens are not simply an accumulation of plants. They are planned and nurtured over years, even decades, and they reflect the personality or intention of their creators. The selected gardens range from classic-traditional to quirky-eclectic to those that strive to meet the challenge of being environmentally sustainable. Some are grand estates, others are more modest, some are open to the public, others are not readily accessible.

ISBN: 9781431700950

Remarkable Gardens of South Africa

Cavers Country House garden was one of 20 that was featured in “Remarkable Gardens of South Africa” book published by “Quiver Tree Publications” in 2012 (website:, below are a few images and an extract from the book.

ISBN: 978-0-9869813-6-4